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▶︎Hiroshima Day:August 5, at 6:30pm–8:30pm (EST)

▶︎Nagasaki Day:August 8, at 8:00pm–10:30pm (EST)

★Please support our peace activities! ★ July 21, 2021 Summer Greetings! This year marks the 28th year of our Hiroshima/Nagasaki Interfaith Memorial events. The events will be held online again for the second time, due to the risks created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Although we are unable to gather in person, it is still important for people to come together in whatever way we can to remember and learn about these two tragic historical episodes that had so much impact on the 20th century and beyond. Doing the event online also provides an opportunity to include people all over the world wherever they may be to join in the events and connect with each other that didn't exist when we did the event in person here in NYC. The memorial events will be held on August 5th and 8th EST time. They will feature interfaith prayer, music performances, keynote speakers and hibakusha testimony. They will be able to viewed in real time and for replay on Facebook Live and You Tube. (see the attachment) The Heiwa Peace and Reconciliation Foundation is led by Reverend TK Nakagaki, a New York based, Japan-born Jodoshinshu (Pure Land) Buddhist Priest. In addition to the Hiroshima/Nagasaki memorial events The Heiwa Peace Foundation supports and organizes many peace related activities throughout the year using guiding principles of Buddhism. Its activities are funded by donations from individuals and community businesses and organizations. We need your help to continue these activities. This year, all donors (except for those who request to remain anonymous) will be listed on our website and on the You Tube/Facebook broadcast of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki events. We make this request with a spirit of charity and vow for peace. Any amount of donation is deeply appreciated (Please click this link). All donations are tax deductible. We are a 501-C3 Charity non-profit organization. http://heiwafoundation.org/Home/Donation Those who donate $100 or more will have their names, or business /organization with your peace message listed as donors in the description section of the You Tube webcast and Facebook Livecast and the Heiwa website along with a thank you for their contribution. (unless they prefer to remain anonymous). For donations of $300 or more you can also have a larger full screen ad of your design (which should include a peace message) that will flash on screen at the end of the broadcast. Please e-mail us your name, peace message and business /organization for confirmation by August 4, 2021. ★平和の活動を応援下さい★ 多くの皆様の長年にわたるお力添えにより、『インターフェイス平和の集い』ー広島・長崎原爆犠牲者追悼、平和祈念式典も第28回目の開催となりました。今年はコロナのヴァリエンスを考え、8月5日、8月8日の2日間、ニューヨークと広島、長崎を結んでオンライン配信(Youtube live/ Facebook live)で行います。核兵器の問題は二十世紀以降、人類の未来においても我々が考えていかねばならないことです。日本が唯一の被爆国であり、世界の人々に核兵器が三度目この地球上のどこかで落とされないように平和を守る責任があります。核兵器の破壊力は広島・長崎の1500倍とも言われており、それが事故で起こったとしても甚大な被害をもたらします。地球破壊の行為なのです。 NY平和ファウンデーションは『平和の集い』を続けることにより、ニューヨークの人々、アメリカの人々、世界の人々(特にリーダーたち)が核兵器脅威、戦争の悲惨さに気づき、皆が安心して暮らしていけるような世界につながればという願いの中、慈愛・調和・非暴力のメッセージを発信し続けています。 1994年に中垣顕實法師がNY本願寺仏教会の住職として就任した時に始められた『平和の集い』は、住職を退任してからも続けられ、3年前に501(c)(3) 米国税金免除のNPO 「 NY平和ファウンデーション」を設立されました。『平和の集い』を主催し続けると共に、インターフェイスなどの対話を促進し、内なる平和と外の平和構築のプログラムをますます進めていくためのファウンデーションです。 皆さまにもこの機会に、ぜひNY平和ファウンデーションを応援していただきたいのです。世界の中心地であり、マンハッタン・プロジェクトが生まれたこのNY市で核兵器廃絶を訴え、平和プロジェクトを拡張していくためにもファンドが必要となります。コロナ禍にあって、それぞれの問題をかかえておられることでしょうが、共に地球のため、環境のため、核兵器廃絶に向けての私たちの活動を応援下さい。 皆様の寄付は今後の平和活動を助け、米国にお住まいの方はその寄付が税金控除となります。慈愛の心、平和を願う心をもって、財施をお願いする次第です。応援しますNY平和ファウンデーション寄付の頁へから入れます。 今回、百ドル以上のご寄付を頂いた方には、お名前、平和のメッセージ、会社名またオーガニゼーション名、ロゴをYoutube Live やフェイスブックライブで紹介させて頂きます(サンプル:前の英語のページ参照下さい)。締め切りは8月4日です。確認のためEメール(クリック)をお送りください。尚、三百ドル以上のご寄付を頂いた方はフル頁の広告(必ず平和メッセージを入れて下さい)も可能となります。

With palms together,

Fundraising Committee, Heiwa Peace and Reconciliation Foundation of New York

Our Activities...

Annual Interfaith Peace Gathering and Peace Exhibition

Annual Interfaith Peace Gathering and Peace Exhibition:

The annual Interfaith Peace Gathering, Commemoration of the Hiroshima & Nagasaki Atomic Bombings in New York City, held on August 5, and will continue it every year. ...

Proactive Peace Dialogue Programs

Proactive Peace Dialogue Programs:

The Heiwa foundation is planning to create programs to confront various issues, based upon a proactive approach, focusing on their roots, rather than surface manifestations. ...

Proactive Peace Action Programs

Proactive Peace Action Programs:

We are planning to offer meditation workshops, bringing the practice of cultivating peaceful minds to NYC city agencies. We will hold peace events at the time of International Day of Peace, such as Peace Lanterns Festival in Long Island City. ...

Peace Education Programs

Peace Education Programs:

The Heiwa Foundation will provide a moving exhibition of peace photo panels, and plans to find a permanent display of A- Bomb photo panels in a future.